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Come explore our watershed. The only Conservation District north of the 53rd parallel! Here is what you will see!

Kelsey Conservation District was formed in January of 1999. We are also the most diverse as we are surrounded by numerous ecosystems. Our borders are the RM of Kelsey. To the West of the Town of The Pas there is pristine agricultural land without a rock in sight, better known as Carrot Valley. To North there are the communities of Cranberry Portage and Wanless. Both communities are situated around beautiful lakes that are perfect for fishing, swimming and camping. You can also choose to explore vast boreal forest. Wanless is also home to small parcels of farmland and Cranberry Portage is nestled at the southern most tip of our great Canadian Shield. To the East there is Rallís Island, which is situated up against the old Saskatchewan River. Here you will find a mixture of farming and eco-tourism. Finally to the South, mixed forest, lakes and a abundance of wildlife surrounds us.

Inside and extending outside of these boundaries is our watershed. The Saskatchewan River Basin stretches from the province of Alberta through Saskatchewan and Manitoba emptying into Hudson Bay. This watershed envelops many lakes, rivers, potholes, swamps and marshlands. With the help of our partners, the Rural Municipality of Kelsey and the Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Kelsey Conservation Districtís Mission is to develop practical and sustainable programs that will help manage our watershed. After all everything and everyone is reliant on a healthy water supply. So please come and find out more about our programs and what you can do to help.

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